Amanda Williams, Laurel, MS

Amanda Williams, Laurel, MS

Money was an issue with our troop but if I had to do it again I would go with Blue Sky or something like it to plan the trip for us. I handled all the logistics and it got to be a bit much since I also have a job and 3 kids myself.

Something that all Lead Advisors should do is check everyone’s med forms. We had another advisor on our trek that left off about a surgery and mobility issues he had. Our Guide was the one that brought it to my attention after watching him struggle for two days.

Which leads me to my next point. Make sure your crew is training. I told everyone how serious training was and I left it up to each person. Make sure to have “come to Jesus” meetings with those that are not training like the advisor above. He was pulled off trail and rejoined us later but still slowed us down significantly.

Make sure everyone on crew has a straw type system to drink from instead of stopping to get their water. I have a system that hooks to my water bottle. The people that had to stop were the ones that got dehydrated.

Overall we had a great trip. Both the kids on the trek with Autism did great!
One advisor brought his medicine cabinet which saved us. We had diarrhea and nausea on trail. He had meds for all of it. Don’t assume a staff camp will have Imodium. There was a nationwide shortage while we were there so the camps had none. Advisor to the rescue!

Women with their periods need to be prepared to pack out their products or use a reusable type like a cup or disc. Cup or disc is the better option. Staffers always let me run to their “red roof” when I told them I was having feminine issues. So they are very accommodating.

One thing that was said during the leader meeting is something i disagree with. They told us if the kids get off trail let them even if it’s 6 miles before they know it. I think half a mile is when an advisor should suggest a look at the map. Six miles at Philmont is not the same as six miles on the Appalachian trail where water is abundant. That is my reason why.