Back on trails

I read through Brian's recent posts and I realized it has been over a year since I posted.  The last time was after I taped my knees up to finish the last 30+ miles of the Lonestar trail.  We never did a recap of that finish. We also did part of the Superior trail in Minnesota, again we never did a follow up.  I'll let you know it was a good time but, as Brian had said, my body was unhappy.  I ended up getting a total knee replacement shortly after.  If you have joint pain, and if you are a genXer, than it's likely, you can imagine how relieved I was after I healed and am able to start hiking again.  It's been slow but it has been good.  Getting your leg partially amputated and put back together is no small thing.  Now that I'm returning to the trail I'm hoping to start posting more.  My Brian is a great gear geek, I plan on showing the highs, lows and the mishaps that happen for you to enjoy,  because let's face it, there isn't much glamorous about being sweaty and stinky and blisters and bruises.  Most of the time you see the pretty pictures of someone's time on the trail, you don't hear so much about the rest.  I like the unbrushed details.  I like to let people know that I had to have Brian stab a blister or have him glue a toenail back on, or that I finished the Good water loop around lake Georgetown in a pair of men's boxers because it was so hot I no longer cared. I look forward to sharing my follies for your humor.  Be well