I'm wearing your underwear....

For Thanksgiving of 2021, Brian and I attempted the LSHT, but a nice bought of plantar fasciitis ended our trip about 30+ miles from the end.  We are currently attempting to make up the sections we missed even though Brian has already gone back and finished.  He's kindly helping me finish the trek which includes going back and doing the road sections we didn't do the first time thanks to some lovely trail angels who took pity on us.

Today we finished the road hike between trail heads seven and eight.  I'm still experiencing some lingering foot issues, on top of the recovering sprained ankle and banged up knee from my misstep two weekends ago on our trek with the scouts at Lost Maples.  I'm a wreck...that's not even counting my arthritic knees and hips.

So one of the things I was thinking about on this trip was how to avoid further pain.  As someone who is frequently marveling at new and colorful bruises in odd places, I know how I am and anything I can do to limit pain or further discomfort I've probably toyed with the idea.  I've lost some weight in the last few months but I'm not ready to invest in expensive trail clothing.  I am super cheap.  I have a love affair with the Dollar tree.  I have toyed with the idea of a post on my dollar tree trail win and fails but not today.  So, back to the weight.  I currently wear scrubs on the trail.  They are super comfy and tons of pockets.  I wear the Walmart scrub star athletic ones with four way stretch and silver infused for smell.  They are pretty durable and breathable and I have only had one issue with them.  The issue is as I lose weight they begin to get baggy and the dreaded chaffing happens.  I was wearing the short slips that Walmart used to sell from the Vasseret brand.  They work pretty well but if you've ever spent time perspiring on a Texas summer day you'll know removing clothing afterwards is similar to removing a wet swimming suit.  The short slips are no exception to this.  It wouldn't be so bad but if you need to put them back on, say, after using a cat hole behind a tree, it can be a time consuming activity.  My Brian has been wearing Exoficcio underwear for a while.  I have tried the women's and while comfortable, they don't really help with chaffing.  I bought a pair of the men's 9 inch sport mesh boxer briefs and ....I love them.  I understand why they are so expensive now and I admit they are totally worth the cost.  Men's boxer briefs are going to be my new go to for the trail.  Boxer briefs should be a thing for women like pockets should be. Ok, enough of my side rant.  Scrubs and men's boxer briefs...good trail combo.