XUL (Extreme Ultralight) Packing List

XUL (Extreme Ultralight) Packing List
The McFlurry spoon weighs just 6 grams!

Just how light can I get and still not be stupid about things? By that I mean how light can I go and still cover the 10 essentials: Navigation, sunscreen, extra clothes, flashlight, first aid kit, Fire, knife, water, food, shelter.

Well, it turns out, if the temperatures are moderate (i.e. so I don't need warm clothes) the answer is just a smidge over 4 pounds. To do that, however, I would have to "cold soak" my meals, sleep in a minimalist shelter, on a short pad, have no pillow, only expect light to moderate bug loading, have nothing to sit on, no battery bank, and really no frills at all. Is it possible to do? Yes. Would I want to do it? Well, maybe just to try it once or twice. Oh, and I don't own the backpack required to do this!

If you're interested, here's the lighterpack list on how I would do it. Someday I might try this on a 2-3 day outing just to see.

Keep hiking my friends